Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We are here to make your Day..... special ?

Did you know: The special events industry has grown enormously in the past decade. According to recent research conducted by Dr. Joe Goldblatt, CSEP (Certified Special Events Professional), spending for special events worldwide is $500 billion annually.

We taking up the great opportunity to be a part of this so fast growing Industry and assisting you with great pleasure & pride and a sense of high responsibility in turning all your special Events into a great success.
Conscious planning and the right timing are the key's.

Trust into our professional skills and flexibilities will guaranty you everlasting memories of your special day's and function in your life.

Our team:

Sigrid Ribbe
CSEP (Certified Special Events Professional), Wellness & Health Food specialist , Fashion event specialist and Model Agent/Manager

Nadine Ribbe
CSEP (Certified Special Events Professional) (Specialist in weddings)

Consultation fee's for events: 55 US /hour
Organization fee for events : 80 US /hour Daily charges are negotiable between 350 US - 500 US$.(depending on type of Event and if assistant needed)

Health Food Gourmet chef offers private cooking classes
choose from healthy gourmet cooking or international food specialties , fine dinning arrangements ( Candle light dinner )

Nadine also offers
Special Fun Tours in Jamaica
(German/ English)
Her Daily fee's as a Tour guide are between US$ 200.00 - 350.00

Bus charges (including driver and refreshments on the Bus)
from US$380.00 - US$500.00 and depending on route/tour planned.

(Not including entrance fee's or meals)

Maican MC Canzy
Trained Health Care taker , Gourmet Health food /Jamaican food specialties

Ann-Marie Lumsdeen
Professional Model , Dance performer ,Dance Coordinator and Choreographer
Event Manager Assistant.

Professional Photographer and a video crew
for any occasion are available

Philip Divine
Artist, Photographer , Calligrapher

What do we offer :

Event planning/Wedding Planning
Fashion shows/ Model grooming
Commercial photo shoots
Music Event and Parties

We are ready and prepared with a flexible & daily growing team .
Feel free and tell us your dreams....challenge us ....
and see what we got for you.

Please contact us for a meeting;
1(876) 484-1165
or 1(876) 796-5080

Call Nadine for your tour bookings direct : 876 586-2752

More about our services:

We offer special events occur for the following purposes:

* Celebrations (fairs, parades, weddings, reunions, birthdays,
anniversaries,in-house events)
* Education (conferences, meetings, graduations)
* Promotions (product launches, fashion shows)
Of course also company picnics, holiday parties and meetings for staff members
examples illustrate, special events may be business related or just a private little candel light dinner for 2 .

Talk to us and find out what would it cost you to make any of your events ( small or big) to a great success.

Why a professionally planned event makes such a big different s...
Planners of an event may handle any or all of the following tasks related to that event:

* Conducting research
* Creating an event design
* Finding a site
* Arranging for food, decor and entertainment
* Planning transportation to and from the event
* Sending invitations to attendees
* Arranging any necessary accommodations for attendees
* Coordinating the activities of event personnel
* Supervising and secure at the site
* Conducting evaluations of the event

How many of these activities your event need is up /open to your choice.
It depend on the size and type of a particular event, which will, in turn, depend on the specialization of you chooses.

Why Do People Hire Event Planners?

Individuals often find they lack the expertise and time to plan events themselves. Independent planners can step in and give these special events the attention they deserve.

We planners often not only coordinate entire events but may, in addition, provide one or more services for your special events.

Event planners assist you from the beginning up to the last cleaning steps.
So you can be sure that everything run's smoothly and you can relax to enjoy all those memorable moments on those special days.